MOMS Club® of Medina-West, OH 

Welcome to the website for the MOMS Club of Medina West! 
We are here to support you as you encounter all the joys and challenges that come with being a stay-at-home mother.  Located in Medina, Ohio and founded in 2002, our organization offers a range of activities for moms and children of all ages.  In addition to providing activities for mothers and children, we are committed to serving mothers and children in our greater community through service projects.

 We have two chapters of MOMS Club in Medina, Ohio: MOMS Club of Medina East and MOMS Club of Medina West.  The geographical areas are:

MOMS Club of Medina East- members with Medina mailing addresses east of S.R. 3
MOMS Club of Medina West- members with mailing addresses west of S.R. 3

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